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Project Monitoring Surveying

Monitoring Surveying in East Sussex and across the South East

Blade Consulting are experienced in offering project monitoring surveying in East Sussex, Brighton, West Sussex and Kent.


As your project monitoring surveyors we protect your investment by reducing and controlling risk on a construction project. We monitor the developers on behalf of funders/banks to ensure they deliver on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality possible. Appointing the right project monitor is typically the difference between a safe investment and a costly wasted opportunity.


Project Monitoring - Validation

Prior to you entering into a final agreement, we will present you with a report. The key steps in our project monitoring surveying process are:

  • validating project viability and design

  • detailed financial appraisal

  • project-specific risk register

  • appraising the suitability of all information
  • reviewing the contractual information.



Your Ongoing Project Monitor

In our role as project monitoring surveyors, we act as an interface between lenders and developers. You will receive accurate, concise and bespoke reporting throughout the construction period. Each report will contain an up-to-date financial analysis, commentary on the progress of external obligations and an up-to-date risk register. We will ensure that developers are provided with funds when appropriate.

Cost and Programme Expertise

Funders rely on our extensive cost and programme experience to protect them from exposure to the problems inherent in development projects. Our project monitoring means that any potential issues are identified early and we can mitigate problems before they arise.

Do you have an investment opportunity that we can monitor for you?

Please contact us to chat through your project requirements. Blade Consulting offer project monitoring surveying services throughout East Sussex, Kent, West Sussex and Brighton. We also work further afield as a result of client referrals and project requirements. Why not read more about us?

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    “The Blade team are always willing to go the extra mile and have a great deal of knowledge and experience to offer its clients. Blade have really assisted us on many projects and have assisted us in progressing our business forward with regards to tenders, contracts and accounts. I would highly recommend the services that Blade have to offer”

    - Sarah Clark | Timbercraft UK Ltd

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    “Blade Consulting are a very professional and experienced company and communicated with Southdown very well during the development of our contract. We are extremely pleased with the way that Blade have managed the scheme and Southdown Housing will be keen to work with them again on future projects.”

    - Kevin Donovan | Southdown Housing Association